Friday, March 9, 2012

DC women

Salina Kyle and Pamela Lillian Isley or Catwoman and Poison Ivy from Batman. Both done in watercolor enjoy.

Shadow of the Colossus and Ico Watercolors

I did these ones when I took a watercolor class at Red Rocks Community College, After that class I fell in love with water color.  I haven't done to much of it lately but I will do more in the future.

The Great Knight Gaius

Wanderer and Argo

Yorda: Maiden of Light

Smooch a Scud

Sussudio giving Scud a kiss.  This was done in 2008 and I just scanned it, I gotta say it aged pretty well.  Scud The Disposable Assassin is on hell of a fun comic book. If you've never read it check it out. 

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Yen Yang Horse Snowboard Decal

I designed this decal for my sister so she could put it on her snow board, but we never really took it that far.  She really like it though and so did I and I hope you guys do to.

Other sketches

The random sketches.

Kasuna form Desert Punk
Japanese V

Ico Sketches

Mega Man X Tribute entries that never made it.

Here are two pictures I put together for The Mega Man Tribute book form Udon.  I actually got the completed one entered but might have ruined my chances to have it win because I was a little over eager and posted in on Newgrounds before I was suppose to. At any rate this is my idea of a cool look for Mega Man X.

Twins Pinup

This was a Twins Pinup girl I threw together for a friend of mine as a Christmas gift.  I actually got it printed into a poster for him too.

More Makoto n' Ibuki

Makoto and Ibuki Looking Gangsta.  The last one is Makoto after she just wiped the floor with Akuma, "No Sweat."

Makoto ,Elena and Ibuki Sketches

All 3 of these characters are from Street Fighter 3rd Strike, and they are all cool as hell.  I want to come up with my own outfit for each of them.

An outfit I came up with for Makota

An outfit I came up with for Elena

Outfit I came up with for Ibuki

Listen to a lot of Robot Rock

Devil May Cry Nero and Burial sketches

I always thought Nero was pretty dope.

Scorpion forever

One of the coolest Ninjas in the world of video games. Nuff said.

I wanted to try and come up with a new mask design because I've never been quite satisfied with his masks in recent years.

wicked sick

Long haired freaky person

This is a cartoon version of one of my oldest friends Cody Fox.  If you've never met the guy you're missing out.

Star War sketches

KYLE KATARN!!!  hehe sorry inside joke I have with an old friend.

Mon Hun Dude.

In Monster Hunter I fell in love with the Gypsaros G armor.  I also always wanted to have mounts in the game.  I just gotta keep dreaming and drawing.

Aw shiiii!

She's falling and her only hope is a humming bird.....

Port hole? Oh Portal.

Quick Portal sketches I did at work when the boss wasn't around. Enjoy ya'll.

Coffee shop sketches

Did this when My brother (Mike Webber) Ivan and Joe were drawing at Starbucks a while ago.  People watching is neat but I think people drawing is better.  The one with Joe Oliver was my favorite because i did a quick sketch of him when he went out for a smoke.  I added the Reaper because it looks badass.
The Big Picture

Three men talking about business

Dude listening to music and reading.

Joe Oliver smoking

An older chap reading in an arm chair

Toph is to tough for you.

I can't remember when I did this one but it was probably late 2009 to mid 2010.  Pretty old, but like a lot of the pics that will be on here none of them have been posted anywhere else.